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Bad News Blues

She got the power of persuasion
You can see it in her eyes
Can you feel your temperature rising?
She moves just like an assassin
And Lord she's dressed to kill
Can you see the wicked web she's weaving?

Each look premediated
Every line she owns is smooth
You can resist anything but her temptation
From the cut of her dress to the heels on her shoes
You know the lady's bad news.

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"Super evening guys, thank you for making our party rock. Everyone was up on the dance floor and having a great time" (reference available). bad news blues, broadway tavern

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She got real sophistication
She has the secret of the dance
Can you feel your temperature rising?
She smiles like a princess
But her intention is profane
The expert in the art of attraction

Each teasing look is practised
Every single step thought through
A cunning plan beyond imagination
Don't have to be no Sherlock to pick up all the clues
You know the lady's bad news.

She is the centre of attention
The mistress of suspense
Can you feel the temperature rising?
Once you're in the headlights
There is nothing you can do
You're her plaything she's toying with emotions

She don't need no longtime lover
She don't need no lifetime friend
She'll take you in her hand and bring you to the Broadway Tavern on Castle Lane.
There's a million ways to die boy, but if I had to choose
I'd die lonely with a lady who's bad news.

Copyright Jacob/Simpson. Bad News Blues Live Recording (MP3)

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The band gigs across the Dorset Hampshire area and occasionally further afield.